Developing Ceramic Additive Solutions for Medical Applications

SiNAPTIC Surgical, SiNAPTIC’s medical business, specializes in developing medical devices for orthopaedic, spine, general surgery, and dental applications by 3D printing them using premium ceramic materials. Leveraging our materials' clinical benefits, we focus on utilizing biomaterials that play a more significant role in the healing process.



Foot and Ankle
Hand and Wrist
Shoulder and Elbow
Adult Reconstruction (Hip and Knee)
Sports Medicine


SI Joint


Social Six
Crowns & Bridges
Orthodontic Devices
Bone Restoration

Other Medical

Oral Maxillofacial OMF
Craniomaxillofacial CMF
Surgical Instruments
Medical Disposables

Biomedical Applications

SiNAPTIC Surgical uses a diverse selection of premium materials, such as silicon nitride. Silicon nitride stands out as a leading choice for surgical implants due to its remarkable surface chemistry and nanostructure that has antibiofouling and osseointegrative properties to support bone growth.1

Silicon nitride demonstrates outstanding mechanical strengths, such as its robustness and resistance to fracture, which are crucial for its medical uses. The dual osteogenic and antibacterial qualities of silicon nitride distinguish it as a superior bioceramic for implants. Its surface qualities not only prevent the growth of bacteria but also promote the health of eukaryotic cells and the repair of bone tissues. The paper by Du, X, et. al. titled “Silicon Nitride as a Biomedical Material: An Overview” offers a thorough overview of silicon nitride, covering its mechanical, bone-growth-promoting, and germ-fighting features.2

1. Awad, K.R., et. al. Silicon nitride enhances osteoprogenitor cell growth and differentiation via increased surface energy and formation of amide and nanocrystalline HA for craniofacial reconstruction.

2. Du, X., Lee, S. S., Blugan, G., & Ferguson, S. J. (2022). Silicon Nitride as a Biomedical Material: An Overview. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(12), 6551.

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SiNAPTIC leads the industry with its cutting-edge ceramic 3D printers, renowned for their exceptional speed and ultra-high resolution. These printers harness the latest technology to achieve precise, efficient serial production with minimal material waste. Capable of processing both oxide and non-oxide ceramics, they unlock the potential for crafting complex and intricate geometric designs previously unattainable with traditional manufacturing methods.

Ensuring design efficiencies beyond printing, our team optimizes your design for additive manufactured ceramics to produce the most consistent and reliable parts possible. Our technology for customized lattices and advanced metrology equipment ensure we can meet the unique requirements for today’s applications


Fully Integrated Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Services

Specializing in Rapid Prototyping and Serial Production


Our premium ceramic powders and cutting-edge technologies offer tailored, high-performance solutions that meet your unique requirements, for a wide range of applications.


Partnering with our dedicated R&D team results in innovative, customized material and production solutions that are meticulously designed to meet your specific needs and optimum performance criteria.


Optimized design and manufacturing processes for rapid additive manufacturing, ensuring quick creation of testable parts for component fit and function, while accelerating your product’s market entry.


Our equipment and product validation process ensure precise, high-quality results, with rigorous inspection standards to reliably meet customer requirements, assuring optimal performance.


As processing experts, we provide advanced sintering services for oxide- and nitride-based ceramic materials, ensuring high-quality, durable products for various applications.


Optimized production planning and advanced printer console resources are designed to meet your demand at scale, ensuring timely delivery and quality performance.

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